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These images reflect the issues or questions that I engage with in my research...

Criminal Procedure Codes

Contrary to previous codes, this word cloud shows that the word "victim" has become one of the most often used concepts in current criminal procedure codes in Latin America.

Victims in Mexico

The war on drugs has claimed over 150,000 lives since 2005. Victims' organizations and relatives are trying to fight impunity.

Remembering victims

Twelve columns around Guatemala’s Cathedral are inscribed with the names of those who disappeared or were killed during the internal conflict.

Victims’ Rights

In Guatemala, police stations and public prosecutor’s offices have to have signage that describes defendants’ rights and victims’ rights.

Private prosecution in action

In September 2010 I observed hearings of the Quintrala Trial that took place in Santiago, Chile. In this multiple homicide case, there were six different parties participating as private prosecutors.

Fighting for justice

In the state Chihuahua, Mexico, the town of Creel witnessed the killing of 13 people in August 2008. Impunity led to mobilization and protests in the capital city of Chihuahua. Private prosecutors also tried to push the criminal investigation.

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